2 November 2009 0 Comments

Open Leg Rocker

OPEN LEG ROCKER Transition from Spine Stretch Forward… Bring legs together, maintain long legs, rock back to lift legs and balance on seat with legs shoulder width apart, hands holding onto calves. Inhale before you move and exhale to “rock” back, inhale to bring body up and balance on seat. Repeat 6 times Purpose: to […]

25 October 2009 0 Comments

Spine Stretch Forward

SPINE STRETCH FORWARD Begin by sitting up tall with legs open hip width, arms stretch out shoulder height. Inhale lift tall, exhale roll down one vertebrae at a time. Keep arms shoulder height. Inhale, begin to roll up, one vertebrae at a time and exhale at the top. Repeat 3-5 Goal: to roll down and […]