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December Continuing Ed

This past Saturday I was in the presence of Sari and other instructors from around the world… literally. I am always moved by how much enthusiasm we, including Sari, all have for this awesome form of movement. We started the seminar with Advanced Mat and afterwards picked every exercise apart going over the in’s and […]

17 September 2010 0 Comments

All Levels

These classes are open to everyone from the beginner student to the advanced student. The class will be tailored to suit those in attendance, and everyone will work based on their particular skills/knowledge.

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Advanced Level

Advanced students have a very strong knowledge of the pilates method and typically take 3 or more classes a week, along with private lessons. This individual can perform all of the basic and intermediate exercises and has no trouble lying on their stomach, side, kneeling, rolling over the head or holding the body off the […]

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Intermediate Level

Intermediate students have some knowledge of the pilates method and are able to perform all of the basic exercises. An intermediate student has generally been practicing for over a month and attends more than one class a week. To maintain this level, we recommend 2 or more classes per week with some private lessons. An […]

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Basic Level

This is the first level of Pilates. You will begin to understand the 6 key principles and learn the 7 basic mat exercises. If you are a beginner, it’s helpful to start pilates by taking 3 or more privates to gain an understanding of how the method works with your body. A normal, healthy individual […]

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Wake Up!

This is an early morning mat class. This class is typically taught at the Intermediate level with a moderate pace. A client at the intermediate level should be able to, work the Powerhouse through every exercise, understand the basic concepts of Pilates; including the 6 key principles, perform exercises on the stomach, side and roll […]

8 July 2010 0 Comments

Golf and Pilates

Are you a golfer looking to improve your swing? Maybe you are new to the game and want to condition your body effectively and efficiently. Or, maybe you have been a golfer for years and are ready to enhance your body and game? Whatever the case may be, Pilates can and will change all of […]

29 June 2010 0 Comments

Summer Pilates Special at Six Keys in Philadelphia

Take advantage of our sizzling summer deals by taking part in the Six Keys Pilates Summer Special Offers! Six Keys Pilates Summer Sale: * Buy a mat class bundle of 5 or more and get 5$ off * Buy a private lesson bundle of 5 or more and get 10$ off Be sure to mention […]

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I recently attended a workshop which included detailed information on the pelvis and pelvic floor. The pelvis, or as i like to refer to it, bowl of soup, is extremely important when practicing Pilates. Think about all that travels through that area… Then think about what area(s) of your body are weak. For most it […]

8 March 2010 1 Comment

Kyphosis and Scoliosis

Recently I have had a slue of clients with some form of Kyphosis or Scoliosis. Kyphosis can be described as forward rounding of the upper back and sometimes referred to as “Hunchback” or “Roundback”. The symptoms include: fatigue, spinal stiffness, mild back pain and hunchback or slouching. Scoliosis can be described as a sideways curvature […]