2 November 2009 0 Comments

Open Leg Rocker

OPEN LEG ROCKER Transition from Spine Stretch Forward… Bring legs together, maintain long legs, rock back to lift legs and balance on seat with legs shoulder width apart, hands holding onto calves. Inhale before you move and exhale to “rock” back, inhale to bring body up and balance on seat. Repeat 6 times Purpose: to […]

14 September 2009 0 Comments

Rolling Like A Ball

ROLLING LIKE A BALL This exercise should only be performed if you have prior experience with Pilates. Persons with Scoliosis, Kyphosis or any other back  or neck issue should omit this exercise. (Or consult your local Pilates Studio) Balance on your bottom with chin to chest,  hands holding onto shins, elbows wide, heels together, toes […]