14 April 2010 0 Comments


I recently attended a workshop which included detailed information on the pelvis and pelvic floor. The pelvis, or as i like to refer to it, bowl of soup, is extremely important when practicing Pilates. Think about all that travels through that area… Then think about what area(s) of your body are weak. For most it […]

16 November 2009 0 Comments


Corkscrew Transition from Open Leg Rocker: Maintain the seated position, bring straight legs together, walk down legs and lay onto back with legs at 90*, head down and arms long. Inhale take legs to the right and begin the exhale as the legs swing to the left. Inhale legs to the left and exhale as […]

25 October 2009 0 Comments

Spine Stretch Forward

SPINE STRETCH FORWARD Begin by sitting up tall with legs open hip width, arms stretch out shoulder height. Inhale lift tall, exhale roll down one vertebrae at a time. Keep arms shoulder height. Inhale, begin to roll up, one vertebrae at a time and exhale at the top. Repeat 3-5 Goal: to roll down and […]

21 October 2009 0 Comments

Pilates for Men

Joseph Pilates was a man… so why don’t more men do Pilates? In my experience, I have seen both sides of the spectrum. Men either enjoy Pilates or they don’t try it because they think its not “hard” enough for them or “feminine”. What I find interesting is that a man invented the method, pretty […]

8 September 2009 0 Comments

Single Leg Circles

SINGLE LEG CIRCLES Begin by lying on back with left leg bent, foot on floor. Right leg at 90*, arms long by your side. Slightly turn out right leg and begin by making small circles into the heart first (counter clockwise) Repeat 5 times, reverse circles (5 times) Inhale as you begin the circle, exhale […]