The Benefits of Pilates Are Endless

Maybe you suffer from arthritis, general back pain, stress, depression or an “old” injury. Pilates can help you attain an overall sense of well-being, and ease your pain. You have to be willing to commit to the regimen, just like anything else, if you want to see AND feel results.

Many people find that pilates is complementary to therapy sessions, whether it be physical, occupational or psychological therapy. Pilates is a mind-body connection, and helps to de-stress the mind and body at the same time.

Hip Replacements

If a client had been practicing Pilates before the replacement, this will allow the client to slide back into Pilates easier. The body and Powerhouse will connect quicker and more smoothly, allowing the rehabilitation process to continue, and heal the hip replacement sooner. If a client is looking to begin Pilates after the physical therapy, this practice will still enable them to rehabilitate quicker, helping to stabilize their hips evenly, and increase strength throughout the pelvis and hips.

Knee Replacements

Pilates can help increase range of motion and mobility of the knee. Pilates offers a wide range of exercises specific to this injury, and the use of the equipment with modifications.

Rotator cuff injury/operation

There are specific exercises and equipment for the individual who needs to strengthen the shoulder area. Pilates will assist in increasing the range of motion in the shoulder, and build strength.

Post Operative-Breast Reconstruction

The practice of pilates can increase shoulder mobility and ROM, strengthening the lattissimus dorsi (upper to mid back).

Rheumatoid Arthritis

Can provide relief for inflammation, and help the client to move with ease.

Multiple Sclerosis

Pilates can help to increase balance, joint mobility, increase coordination, and sometimes memory.

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