My sincere gratitude and thanks and love go to all of you who made it possible for me to share my passion for Pilates with you all.

After five years, my life had altered and the west coast called my name.

So, now, settled in an apartment Beverly Hills adjacent and teaching a sweet studio in Santa Monica, I am sharing my passion over here.

Should you be visiting or know of anyone who needs a good alignment, check up or good ole butt whooping, you know where to send them. (Sounds like a car dealership ;))

I am teaching at UpRise Wellness a Classical Pilates Studio on Montana in Santa Monica about 20 minutes from Los Angeles. I am also available for workshops, private clients in home or out and any place that is convenient for you. Did someone say the Beach??!! Yes, even on the beach. 🙂

Still the same Jenn, same silly attitude still same girl who will give you what your body needs!

Don’t be a stranger!!