This time of year we usually kick up our workouts and eat better in anticipation of Memorial Day weekend. We focus on our middle, toning our arms and legs and skin. But what about the most important thing? What gets us around all day and holds us up? Besides your powerhouse… your FEET.

These little guys all the way at the bottom don’t get enough respect. They do a lot of work and while we focus on the parts most others see, we allow the feet to get the short end of the stick. This can lead to more issues along the way.

Specific Issues:

I have worked with bunions, flat feet  and plantar fasciitis, just to name a few.  In Pilates we begin with the “footwork” on the reformer which strengthens and stretches the feet. Not only do these exercises work the feet but it offers a bit of reflexology as well. Most of the exercises performed in Pilates put the feet into positions that are a mini stretch for the afore mentioned issues.

Besides using the reformer to aid in the recovery of the feet, I also use the “toe exerciser”. This small piece of equipment works the feet and has been said to save people from bunion surgery! Personally, it relieved a small bach ache I had for a very long time!


Not only will you strengthen your feet but you will improve your posture and gait. Have you ever watched how you walk? How others walk? Weak feet and ankles can lead to other issues in the body, perhaps you broke an ankle and feel pain on the opposite side…

Your gait is based on how you use your feet and where you put the work in the rest of your body, when you have weakness or issues, this throws off your gait.

Pedi-CURE: Cure those feet with a workout just for them! Make your feet match your pedicure but looking and feeling great. And above all, help hold you up by allowing you to walk smooth and feeling lifted!

I know you don’t have the toe exerciser so after you buy broccoli or asparagus, save the purple rubberband and use that as your toe exerciser!!  Put the rubberband on each toe, with feet hip width apart, plant your ankles and pull the feet apart. Hold for 5 then release. Repeat about 5 times. Then try holding one foot steady while you pull the weaker one away. Hold for 5 and repeat stronger then back to weaker. Be mindful to scoop , squeeze and lift during the exercises!

Still don’t get it? Come on in and we will work those feet!!