This past month I attended the Arizona Pilates Conference and spent 3 days with Kathi Ross-Nash, Chris Robinson and Brooke Siler just to name a few. We began each day with a mat work out followed by lecture and practice. I decided to take 3 extra workshops to deepen my training and thought, which included, The Add on Mat, Pilates and Sports and Fix your Feet. Each one offered extended value in the Pilates method by itself or connected to something else.

I have already utilized the “Add on Mat” practice which takes one through the matwork by accumulating the exercises and performing each only once. (ex: 1,1,2,1,2,3,1,2,3,4) Putting the 6 key principles to use, the work becomes an endeless movement.  As a client, this method allows you to focus on what’s coming next (concentration) which helps to connect the movement (flow) and how important the powerhouse really is. The other benefit is the cardio! When you combine the 6 Keys together in your practice, it gives a whole new meaning to Pilates!

Fix your feet, fixed my back! This little piece of apparatus called the “toe exerciser” can change your feet, your gait (that’s the way you walk) and posture. In my case, I had a back issue that I believe stemmed from a toe injury a long time ago. 10 minutes with this little guy and pain is gone!  Great for Baby Boomers, Men and individuals with specific feet issues!

We also worked with the “foot corrector”, this is said to be the first invented by Mr.Pilates. A benefit to those who cannot stand is that both of these pieces can be used while sitting. Together,  these fine pieces aid in recovery, maintenance and strength of the foot.

During the Pilates and sports workshop we reviewed what is important to an athlete and how can Pilates benefit this person? Specifically? Using the four main components of sports/athletes; push, pull, run, jump, we practiced and discussed where in those movements Pilates is found and how the strength of the powerhouse increases all. Remember that Pilates is a whole, full and 360 degree look at your body. It can focus a specific area, yes, but engaging the whole body together increases all four of those components.

This past week  I had the opportunity to meet with some great people in Ny hosted by Alycea Ungaro. We talked business and Pilates, shared ideas and industry thoughts.

As I reflect on the past few weeks of what I have experienced and learned, I am reminded of how much I love what I do. When I witness a client reach their goal and succeed I truly feel blessed.

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