It’s been awhile since I have put up a post. So here is what has been happening…
6 Keys has officially moved to 200 Krams Ave!! This new space boasts large windows, gleaming hardwood floors, our own powder room and a/c. Come see us and join Pilates!
By August we will have a new software program to make everyone’s life easier! With this new program you will be able to schedule and payonline.
I attended continuing education at True Pilates New York in June with Sari. (That’s Romana’s daughter) I was royally Pilates’d and reminded how we are constantly learning. At the end we used Joseph Pilates’ invention the “Breath-A-sizer” which is small piece of equipment that measures your exhalation. I was able to roll through my whole spine (rolling from standing to down to my ankles) and exhale for 9 counts. Most can get to 6.
Every week, in addition to my own workout, I take a private lesson with another teacher to maintain my knowledge, body and mind. As I believe it is important for others to practice Pilates, I practice what I preach!
Lastly, 6 Keys Pilates is in the running again for Best Pilates Studio of Philly, click here to make us #1!