Pilates is a form of exercise that can become a way of life. Being healthy IS a way of life.
Joseph Pilates claims he “never took an aspirin a day in his life.” I have to admit, I have been doing Pilates since ’98 and I don’t take anything either. There are humans around me who have many ailments and take numerous “pills” to alleviate and “cure” their aches and pains. Let’s not get it twisted, I am over 30, have old gymnast knees and wrists, fell off of a trapeze onto my face and am a modern dancer. So I definitely have physical issues but Pilates has been the ONLY thing that has allowed me to keep moving. (I plan to be able to hang upside down at 100). Clearly for me, Pilates is my way of life.
One has to be willing to explore new movement opportunities to gain a mind/body connection, which can enhance your current workout regime. Pilates constantly is counter massaging your internal organs and muscles. It offers a natural progression of the excersises so as to avoid any jarring, intense impact or pain during the movement. Pilates challenges the muscles, body and mind which keeps the brain alive!
Those humans I referred to earlier usually poo-poo Pilates claiming it’s like yoga or say they don’t get anything out of it. They have a fear of commitment and fear of learning something new. I think it’s because they are afraid of falling in love and never looking back 🙂 Pilates is a learned behavior which offers an infinite amount of benefits depending on the individual.

For example: 

Yoga is a system invented thousands of years ago, Pilates about  a hundred. Yoga has poses, pilates has exercises. Yoga is performed solely on a mat, Pilates uses various types of apparatus and mats.

If you happen to be someone who hasn’t moved in a while, Pilates is the perfect way to start moving again.
My point is that Pilates is healthy, gentle and anyone can do it! Stop being scared and invest in the only thing you know you wake up to everyday… Yourself!