I could definitely find any reason for you to practice Pilates and winter weather is a perfect example to use!
Between shoveling all types of snow, chipping away at ice , slipping and falling, winter weather has its way with us.
Shoveling requires the use of your back, arms and legs, areas of the body that are overused. So by the next day your muscles ache, maybe your back hurts and you may feel terrible. If you’re someone who suffers with rotator cuff pain, back pain or arthritis, shoveling can exacerbate these issues. Now you really dislike the snow and the clean up.
Slipping and falling can put you out of commission for days, weeks even months. Most people, after falling, seek care, get a prescription, wait until it goes away and then proceed to live their lives. Not understanding that the injury can hibernate and rear it’s ugly head when you are doing something your normally do like making the bed.

How can Pilates benefit these situations?
* Pilates is low impact and allows one to work at their own level so there is no risk for injury.
* Your recovery time will be quicker.
* The whole body is strengthened, not just your site of injury.
* Pilates is a gentle, progressive style of movement so it will never jar or tear muscles.
* Pilates teaches a mind/body connection so while your body heals, your mind heals as well.

****Always research the studio and instructor before investing in yourself and Pilates. A certified instructor should have a complete certification in mat and the apparatus from an accredited institution. There are different programs and styles of Pilates; not all are created equal!