This past Saturday I was in the presence of Sari and other instructors from around the world… literally. I am always moved by how much enthusiasm we, including Sari, all have for this awesome form of movement.
We started the seminar with Advanced Mat and afterwards picked every exercise apart going over the in’s and out’s. Sari really talke about the “science” of Pilates and how other programs or teachers are losing the quality of the work.
I have seen first hand how other instructors and clients get “bored” with the original work and attempt to do harder exercises. Not a good idea. Pilates, or Contrology, is about what the client needs, what their body is asking for. Not doing random exercises because they are bored with the regular routine.
Back to the seminar… After the Advanced Mat we moved to the reformer. There we each had a chance to practice, teach and observe. The one thing I learned from the reformer this time was the swakate. I have done this before and studied it but this time I was able to perform the exercise. This is a super advanced exercise which really engages the triceps, powerhouse and shoulders. *Not easy*
Next it was the Cadillac. I learned a new trick for the “Sari”, to help out those clients who are a bit height challenged. Like the Reformer, we practiced, disected and observed.
Last we went over the chairs; the Wunda and High chair.
The coolest part is that I am able to utilize pieces of the apparatus that Joe Pilates hisself has used and was in the original 8th ave studio. Can your Pilates Instructor say that???
Overall the seminar was envigorating and challenging. More than ususal I jumped at the chance to show the exercise and teach which puts you up for criticism but that is how you grow as a teacher!