Once again I have had the opportunity to enjoy an anatomy workshop with Lori Coleman-Brown, focusing on the “top of the flag pole”, the head, neck and shoulder girdle.
This area can be delicate for some and assessing their range of motion is a must; from the top of the head to the shoulders.
We reviewed the anatomy and studied exercises which utilize most of the 6 key principles. Control of the shoulder girdle by concentrating and maintaining the centering of the body. The exercises also aided in open the lungs to increase the air capacity all the while working the precision.
Watch out for some of the exercises and cue’s from your instructor!!
After the anatomy part of the workshop we had a class in “Poling yourself together”. We practiced all the principles of Pilates with the use of long poles for stabilization and strength. Their was even head wrestling going on!! Yes, Joseph Pilates practiced head wresting!!
The next day I had my lesson. My strength and control are always tested and I always enjoy feedback. The cue I have taken away this time is: “superwoman”- you will have to take a lesson to have an explanation for this one 🙂
Peace and Prosperity to all!!