This past Sunday, I had the pleasure of attending a St. Jude benefit at True Pilates New York. I was in the presence of Mari Winsor, Brooke Siler and of course Daria Pace and Sari.

The day started with a donation to St. Jude (rush for the Cure) and proceeded into demonstrations on the Cadillac. I am always impressed at others strengths and feats in Pilates. And how Pilates truely is ageless!

A few of the instructors began to show how strong Pilates makes the human body and how it increases ones flexibility. Very motivating!

Then we moved on to an Advanced Mat Class taught by Mari Winsor herself. I sat right in the front, unintentionally and began to utilize the 6 Key principles. During the workout, I am excited to hear her use cues that I myself use. For example, I like the connection of the heels to the inner thighs and cue my clients to practice the same idea. While doing the Roll-up, Mari made the same notation as I about the connection of the heels and inner thighs. It is also clarification for me that I do know what I am talking about!

Towards the end of the class, I noticed how good my body felt and how I need Pilates everyday!

Next on the list was video clips of Romana and one of Ted Shawn’s dancers performing on the Reformer. Wow! She moves with such grace, not only did I say WOW out loud, it made all of the attendees say, “wow”. It just goes to show you what this method can and WILL do for your body!

The rest of the afternoon continued with Sari on the Wunda chair, a group of high school football players showing off their Pilates strength and Kathi Ross Nash sharing, “The Red Thread”. In this presentation we see how Pilates movements are related to daily activities and the method as a whole. You can see rolling like a ball in the stomach massage series, you can see the push ups in the long stretch the list goes on. Looking at Pilates this way helps the client and teacher really understand the method and how it works. It gives the client something to relate the exercise to and enhance their mind body connection.

After lunch, Mari taught another advanced Mat Class that yours truly attended again. This time I would work on the corrections she gave me earlier and since it was after lunch I thought it would be best to “work it off”.

All in all I had a great day with some of the Pilates Greats and supported a Great Cause.

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