Are you a golfer looking to improve your swing? Maybe you are new to the game and want to condition your body effectively and efficiently. Or, maybe you have been a golfer for years and are ready to enhance your body and game?

Whatever the case may be, Pilates can and will change all of those excuses. Keep in mind, Pilates is not the end all be all to improve your golf game. Seek the advice of a professional to assist in your journey.

How a Golfer Moves

The body mechanics of golf are fairly demanding, very one sided and require many of the same principles as Pilates. I am referring to all parts of the game, not just the swing. Golfers putt, bend over to pick up the ball, squat and twist which puts their bodies to the test, especially in those over 50.

Like a baseball player, golf repeats the movements which can tighten and weaken other muscles. Plus, if you are not strong enough to play, you run the risk of using the wrong muscles and can incur injury. Any imbalance in the muscles can affect the body as well as the game. Pilates will help you to train the body to utilize the correct muscles.

Watch the video to see exactly how a golfer moves. Observe the hips, waist and upper-body as it torques to hit the ball.

Lets say you are the golfer looking to improve your swing… think about what it is about your movement that could be prohibiting you from hitting stronger, farther and more precisely. Do you have any pain in those areas? Are you weak in the muscles that help you to move that way?

The new golfer may have an easier time; no old golf habits to break, but maybe their is weakness in their “powerhouse” that could cause disruption in strength and body mechanics.

The seasoned golfer with old habits and a bit of weakness, may think they way they move is fine, yet can’t figure out why they don’t play like they used to.

Like golf, Pilates requires concentration, control and precision to make it effective. Practicing Pilates for a golfer will increase the latter and add extra benefits as well.

How Do I Begin to Better my Game?

#1 Seek the advice of a professional to pinpoint what exactly is your weakness in golf.

#2 In Pilates you strengthen and begin from the “powerhouse”. The powerhouse makes up all of the abdominal muscles and is essential in maintaining torso strength which can help a golfer stand and move through the swing better.

#3 Effective stretching and controlling your body. Once you begin your lessons, you could feel the change that night. Not only will you gain a better understanding of your body but you will be aware of how you move. Working o twisting in Pilates will absolutely benefit the torso of a tight golfer, thus improving the swing and drive.

#4 Know that you can change your old habits. During the lesson, concentrate on the movement and breathe through it. As you prepare any movement in golf send positive thoughts to what it is you are about to do.

#5 Practice your Pilates methods while golfing or at a range. Concentration, centering, control, precision, breath and flow.

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