Can you touch your toes?? Once you read this, you may want to try Pilates.

Did you know that,”stiff blood vessels make your heart work harder?” If not, here is why…

Like our muscles in our back and hips, artery walls contain the same ingredients, smooth muscle cells and connective tissue. So not being able to touch your toes, MAY and I say MAY, put you at a higher risk for higher blood pressure, strokes and heart attacks.
A study of 526 women and men found that those who were the most flexible (on a sit-and-reach test) had the most supple arteries.
There is evidence that activity that maintains flexibility in larger muscles may “soothe” nerve activity which also affects artery flexibility.
Research has also found that, “adults who started a program of regular stretching significantly increased the flexibility of the walls of their carotid artery.” That is the vessel that supplies blood to the brain!

What you can do…
Sit on the floor with your legs together. Reach out and touch your toes. Can’t do it? Try Pilates. Pilates has proved for many, to benefit them in numerous ways. From relief of back pain, sciatic pain, neck, shoulder, knee. Pretty much any type of joint pain there is. I would encourage anyone with any issue to invest in private lessons. Classes are great and effective, only if you know what you are doing. At 6 Keys Pilates, we strive for YOU to feel good and master complete control over your mind and body.

The information for this post was researched in Readers Digest Magazine. June 2010-July 2010