Joseph Pilates was a man… so why don’t more men do Pilates?

In my experience, I have seen both sides of the spectrum. Men either enjoy Pilates or they don’t try it because they think its not “hard” enough for them or “feminine”. What I find interesting is that a man invented the method, pretty much cured himself of his ailments and proved on both men and women that they too could reap excellent benefits.

Most men are used to getting results by weight lifting, power exercising and pounding into their joints.  Then they realize that their body hurts and they now have an injury, now they want to try Pilates.  Sometimes they’ve let it go to far and have to do physical therapy first then engage in a Pilates regiment.

Pilates works the deepest muscles you have, from the inside out. In order to move, the Powerhouse must be engaged and the energy should come from within. Unlike most other forms of exercise, Pilates encourages an inhale on the effort and exhale at the end of the exercise.

Of the Men that I have taught, which range from a 10 year old to an 70 year old, they all enjoy Pilates for a different reason. Pilates is tailored to the individual, so this allows each man to work his specifics. They all have one thing in common… skeptics at first and now a true believer. Lets face it, most men are not flexible and feel like they need to do a 10lb movement for a 5lb. Quite the contrary in Pilates. Throughout the lessons, men increase the suppleness of their spine, can touch their toes and stand taller. What man doesn’t want that?