8 September 2009 0 Comments

Single Leg Circles


Begin by lying on back with left leg bent, foot on floor. Right leg at 90*, arms long by your side.

Slightly turn out right leg and begin by making small circles into the heart first (counter clockwise)

Repeat 5 times, reverse circles (5 times)

Inhale as you begin the circle, exhale when bringing the leg back to center.

When flexible and strong enough, practice the exercise with the opposite leg reaching long on the floor.

Purpose: stabilize hips, stretch the legs, anchor the Powerhouse

Goal: have both legs reaching long, make a circle without moving the hips and working the leg from the Powerhouse.

Keep in Mind: When performing this exercise, be sure to keep the hips quiet. Never make the circle bigger than what you can Control. Work the leg from the Powerhouse.

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