28 August 2009 0 Comments

The Roll Up


Begin by lying flat with arms stretched overhead and legs stretched out in front on floor.

Inhale, move arms to 90*, chin to chest and proceed to roll-up, stretch forward all the way past your feet. Head stays down whole time.

Inhale, roll back initiating the movement from the Powerhouse, touch the lower back first, then the mid back and finally the upper back. The arms return to their starting position.

Repeat 3-5 times

Purpose:  Strengthens Powerhouse and restores spine to normal.

Goal: To roll-up with precision and flow. Articulating the spine up and down. (one vertebrae at a time)

Benefits: This exercise is very good for people with scoliosis since it works the spine evenly. It is recommended that those with scoliosis hold a bar to maintain the alignment of the spine and arms. This exercise is also good for those who want to strengthen their lower abdominals.

Keep in Mind: On the roll-up portion, be sure to move smoothly… most people will “yank” themselves for the sake of getting up. Take your time and remember to articulate the spine.

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