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Jennifer Cybulski, is 6 Keys Pilates

Jennifer Cybulski PilatesJennifer Cybulski (owner/instructor) has been certified through Romana’s Pilates (The New York Pilates Studio), which is the closest one can get to Joe Pilates himself. Through constant training and continuing education, Jennifer maintains the expectations of a Romana’s certified instructor.

Joseph Pilates was born in North East Germany in 1883 and was one of nine children. His father was a locksmith and his mother worked in a fabric factory. Growing up as a sickly child, he was determined to become healthy and strong.  At an early age Joe began to study animal movements, noticing their grace and efficiency. He studied both Eastern and Western styles of movement and started to design Contrology. Today we call this ever strengthening group of exercises and methods Pilates.

Through his journey as a German, he was captured in England and spent 5 years in prison camps. While detained in camps, you can be sure he thought out his method and created exercise regimes for his fellow detainees. After WWI, Mr. Pilates left Europe to seek out new beginnings in America. On the ship that brought him to the US, he met his “wife” Clara.

By the mid 1920’s, Joe opened up his first studio in NYC,  sharing this  space with the New York City Ballet and gaining exposure. Not long after opening his first studio, more people became interested in the method, and pilates expanded into what we have today.